Dear Family, Friends, and Brothers

our family, Joyce, Nicole and I, recently donated our "Terrible Fan" costume to the New Heinz History Western PA Sports History Museum. Please share in our joy, read the article, visit the website and, when you come home, visit the Center to see all of our heroes, and all of the sports memorabilia. After all, for us Pittsburghers, its our life and legacy.

Take care,

Bo, Joyce, Nicole and new son-in-law Michael Meloy


"Terrible Fan" Finds New Home.  The History Center has received a number of generous donations to the sports collection recently, including a costume for a popular sports icon.Who stood almost eight feet tall, wore size 25 shoes, and entertained thousands of Three Rivers Stadium fans for much of the 1980s? If you're thinking the Pirate Parrot, think again. We're talking about the Steelers' costumed mascot, the "Terrible Fan." Bob Garritano, the man behind the Terrible Fan recently donated his costume to the History Center for the upcoming Western Pennsylvania Sports Museum. Bob and his wife Joyce also participated in an oral history and donated photographs, slides, signs used by the Fan, costumes from other members of the Fan's troupe of performers, and promotional material.The Fan premiered at Three Rivers Stadium on September 7, 1980. Never sanctioned as an official mascot by the Pittsburgh Steelers, Garritano was given a press pass and the right to move throughout the stands at Steelers home games. On May 13, 2003, Bob donned his costume for a farewell performance at the History Center. The costume, now part of the History Center collections, will serve as a wonderful reminder of the special connection Steelers fans have to their football team and of the important intertwining between sports and identity in this region.