I was sorry to hear about Mr Rogel's passing.  He was one of my teachers in
1964 when I first came to Scott.   He was a wonderful man and a teacher
that I remember fondly.  It's funny but of all the others he seems to be
the one that crossed my mind the most over the years.  He definitely made a
lasting impression on me by both his brusqueness and his compassion.

I know his family will miss him.


Thanks for the info, Fran was an original and will be missed.

FYI....Those of us who are expatriate North Braddock residents can still
obtain this type of local Pgh. info by accessing the Pittsburgh Post
Gazette's Webpage, it is an excellent site, and only a click away.@

Dear Frank:

I am very sorry for the loss of your uncle.  My Dad, was class of 52, and he and I will be thinking of you and your family.  He has told me many times of
your uncle.  I am sure that the thoughts and prayers of Pittsburghers all over the country are with you.

Yours truly

Richard A Bennett
Redlands, Ca

My name is James P. Sylves class of  60 and 32 year    residence of State College, I hear Fran`s name mentioned   often as some of his mates still live here,the    obit was front page Sports section this A.M. Hope to from    others.

I wanted to extend my deepest sympathies to you and your family.  Fran was
my favorite teacher of all time. He was a friend to his students as well as
a teacher and coach.  I often think back to the days when I used to sneak in
to his room and listen as he prepared the team for a game or when he would
stand up for a student who was being bullied.  He was such a wonderful
person and I for one am thankful for having known him. You and your family
will be in prayers.

DiAnn Levy
Class of  1967

Your uncle was a pleasure to be around and I will always remember how well
he interacted with all students. Sorry for your loss.
Norman Zanetti

Sorry to learn of Fran's death. I have fond memories of and great respect for him.  If I might share a thought:

I had Fran as my 9th grade, history teacher at Scott -- the only year I had the privilege of attending there, I think in 1964-65.

I recall one afternoon, right after lunch period, we were waiting for him to return, to start our class.  He walked in through the door in the back, carrying a thick, three and a half-foot long, wooden paddle.

As he walked towards his desk in the front, he amusingly asked, "Anyone want a swat?"

"Sure, I'll take one."  I said, surprised by my own bravado.

"Well, stand up." He said, playing along while gaining a better grip on the handle.  He approached my desk with me standing, in the middle of the classroom, as I smiled, looking straight forward.

Then, he let it go.  "W h a c k! !"

It was in fun and at half speed.  But, because he was so strong, his half speed was something akin to a butt-bruising, fraternity "hell night" initiation!  Or so it seemed to me.

My face kept the smile, but, I'm sure it turned 14-degrees of red.

"Want another?"  He asked.

"No!" I managed to force out, through my now, paralyzed mouth, hoping to maintain the "cool" for the rest of the class.

I think that was the last time I ever volunteered for anything!

Thank-you for keeping us informed and for allowing me to consider my experiences there and his influence in my life.

Best Regards,

Rick Hawthorne

I won't be able to make the funeral home, but you and your family have my deepest sympathy.  He was a well loved teacher and coach
Anita McDermott
You and your family have our deepest sympathy.  Your uncle was a WONDERFUL man.
Jo Ann Corletti Yuill and family (Class of '71)
Vince Corletti