Jan & Ron McDonnell Tuesday, 5/28/02, 12:05 PM
Well I see Tom Foster beat me to the punch...LOL. It was wonderful to see everyone again and created a whole new realm of memories for us! We definitely extend an invitation to any and all passing through St Louis in the future and also look forward to havin' fun with ye again at the next reunion! Thank Ye Very Much!!
From: St Peters MO
E-mail:  jmcdon-1039@msn.com

Dear Mike,
I'm sure you agree that the reunion couldn't have been any better. It far surpassed any of our expectations. Every detail was perfect. In fact, as you and I talked about it, Bernie and
Rudy paid us a great compliment when they called ours the best of the many reunions that they have attended over the years. Your slide show was super! It brought back many fond memories and the way that you presented it was brilliant! I think that your hard work on that and of course the web site
is and always be appreciated by all. Many thanks also go to your wife Joanne's help. She was great!
Viola's countless hours spent on the organization and details concerning the reunion made it the wonderful event that is was. She was the driving force and most
imaginitive member of the committee and needs to know that all of her hard work were appreciated by everyone. Without her dedication the reunion would not have been what is was. Thank you again Viola!
Jim Dawson did a fine job handling the financial end, and he deserves to be thanked, so "Thank you Jim!". Only we on the committee know his contributions and how they helped make the reunion successful. And let's not forget to thank Jim's wife Linda for her hard work. "Thank you Linda!"
And how about Ed and Elaine Mramor's contributions. Who would have thought of getting Bricks from Old Scott High. What a great idea! And having the CDs made with such good "Oldies". Thanks to both of you for everything that you did!
Bill Magda  rescued the picnic plans by finding a place at White Oak Park. Thanks for that and for the many other things that you did Bill!
If you can Mike, please put this in the web site, and if I've
missed anyone please forgive me.
Your Friend

To add to Bernie's comments.
Bernie, the reunion book that you provided to everyone that attended the reunion was super. Your dedication and hard work really paid off. I know how difficult it was for you to  gather all the bio's and pictures from everyone. I know because it took me forever to get mine to you. Your persistence and labor of love to get the book ready for us was fantastic . A job well done Bernie.
The Class of 1962

tom foster Tuesday, 5/28/02, 8:10 AM
a special thanks to a special group of people that put together the 1962 4oth class reunion. it was great to see everybody. my wife and myself had a great time. anybody passing through charlotte nc don't forget to say hello. see eveybody at the 45th.
From: charlotte nc
E-mail:  thomas.foster@first union.comi


5/30/02     hey mike, have you recovered yet? mike, no words can express the joy and fun
that i shared with with everyone. i did not want it to end. that really
stands out as 1 of life's greater moments. a thanks to each and every person
that i talked with and case of sadness for the people that i missed. thank
you mike and the others who worked so long and hard to make this reunion a
reality. see you all in july. love, ki......Mihaly

5/30/02   mike if forgot to tell you that it was nice seeing the group picture of
us in the service.  it brought back alot of memories.  i thought everybody
looked great at the rekunion.  i just wished more would of showed up at
the picnic.  it was alot easier to talk to people there.  take care and
every once in awhile drop me a line.  tom Foster

5/30/02    Hi Mike, Just like in high school I don't have too much to say, but I Have to say  the committee has to be the greatest reunion committee anyone could have. Viola was like a detective. The lady I ran into from the class of 1948 wasn't too far off when she said you must be a genius. That goes for the whole committee. Thanks to the committee for making May 25th, 2002 such a special day for us 1962 grads.  Bob Fier
maureen phillips butts Thursday, 5/30/02, 7:40 AM
Just want to say to everyone who attended the 40th reunion, what a great time it was. I really enjoyed seeing people i went to school with. Hope they all had a good time. Can't wait to see you all again in 5 years. To all who were not there, you missed a super time. Thank you to all the committee people who put a whole lot of effort into this. It was great. Maureen Phillips, Butts
From: west hickory, pa.
E-mail:  marniephilb@netscape.com

6/1/02          Just a thank you for all the hard work that went into the reunion. It was terrific! What a blast to see people that I haven't seen for 40 years. We picked up and talked about the fun times and events in Scott just like it was yesterday. I can't wait until the next one.
I can't seen to access the web page?Is it
Keep in touch, and Yea Scott!!!
Lois Mancini(Freidhof)
Viola Rock Zito Friday, 6/7/02, 4:43 AM
Class 1962 40th reunion - oh what a night.  Even though the reunion was two weeks ago my heart is still at the Grandview.  We All have to go back to the Grandview - I didn't get a chance to talk to everyone that glorious evening!

A special thank you goes out to a special group - Scott High Class 1962 (and their spouses/guests) - for making the reunion such a hugh success.   There were no strangers that evening - we were magically transformed back in time - back to May 1962.

Our classmate's spouses and guests - I met some of them for the first time yet by the end of the reunion weekend I felt like we had known each other forever.  Just goes to show how special our class really is  -  we share a great bond that outlasts the test of time. 

My hats off to the reunion committee - Mike Bakin, Jim Dawson, Ed and Elaine Barnes Mramor, Bernie Sobek, and honorary member Bill Magda - for all their hard work and dedication.  Speaking for myself but know the rest of the committee feels the same way - the reunion was a labor of love.

So what's next for Class '62?  The July North Braddock Fireman's Street Fair - don't miss this opportunity to renew some really great friendships - see you all there. 
From: Fuquay-Varina, NC
E-mail:  vislude@mindspring.com

There are 6 pages of pics so far
Just a thank you for all the hard work that went into the reunion. It was terrific! What a blast to see people that I haven't seen for 40 years. We picked up and talked about the fun times and events in Scott just like it was yesterday. I can't wait until the next one.

Keep in touch, and Yea Scott!!!
Lois Mancini(Freidhof)
just wanted to say , great job on the reunion.  thanks to all involved,

           HAD  A    GREAT  TIME     

Hi Mike,

You should did a great job for the reunion.  You made the evenning a very special one.  We certainly did have a great time.  I really enjoyed seeing everyone.  Also thanks for the CD's.  Like I said you really did a great job.

Dear Friends and Scott High Alums,

My wife and I have spent the last two weekends reminiscing about the great time we had on May 25, 2002!

Please extend my best wishes and heartfelt thanks to Mike, Viola, Bernie, Ed and all the spouses who gave up their time to make this event happen.

It was like we crossed the bridge of time and walked back into relationships, friendships and conversations that we had, oh so many years ago.

Thanks again!!
With warmest regards,,

Bo & Joyce Garritano

Hi Mike - I just finished looking at all the pictures of the reunion that you sent.  They were great - so nice to see them.  Sure wish I could have been there, looks like a missed a nice week-end.  I'll make the next one for sure.  Again, thanks for sharing the pictures.  The web site has been great, I always enjoy reading the guest book.  Take care - maybe I'll see everyone in July if you get together like you did last summer.  

Carolyn (Trax) Harchick
Hi Mike,
  I went to the website, but could not look at the pictures. Nothing happens when I click on the buttons. Is anyone else having this problem or just me?

I have been wanting to email you and all of the committees to tell you guys
what a GREAT REUNION. Everything was wonderful. I can't wait for the 45th.
Please keep me informed about the July event.

Maggie Gibson